Marketing Talk #2: What does Construction Enterprises do when competing in the modern world makes “acquaintances” become strangers?

The 4.0 Revolution, the trend of rejuvenating management personnel in enterprises along with the arrival of foreign enterprises in Vietnam in recent years has made the market in general and the construction market in particular have many disturbances. . The “acquaintances” of Traditional Construction Enterprises are having more options from younger businesses and foreign enterprises. In such a context, what should a Construction Enterprise do?

“Open your heart” with Technology

In the midst of the tech storm and  flat screen  competition, Construction Businesses can’t just stand outside. Not only applying technology to production, please “open your heart” with other aspects of business technology: Website, Social Networking, Business development support platforms ..

The application of technology in construction and production helps you optimize your management and make use of available resources to improve business efficiency.

Internationalization of competitiveness

Globalization, Free Trade Agreements, and foreign investment attraction policies open up opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to go to the world but also bring many challenges, of which the biggest challenge is competing capability.

Internationalization of competitiveness
Internationalization of competitiveness

The enterprise’s competitiveness comes not only from cost, manufacturing expertise, and product service quality, but also from its ability to meet international standards for each supply chain link. Existing customers will probably buy your product at a low price, but they will increasingly look to suppliers that are both capable and with optimal customer care, compliance, and other related regulations … even if the price is not cheap.

Sales – Marketing is an inseparable companion

The relationship between Sales and Marketing has changed dramatically in recent years. Business World is more aware of the difference between these two departments, and at the same time, is aware that the Sales-Mar bridge is an essential element for an enterprise that wants to develop business.

Marketers are always finding ways to streamline their tools, disrupt and reach customers in their own way, personalizing these relationships. From there, they link more closely with potential customers, coordinate with a qualified Sales team to solve customer problems, and bring business efficiency.

Sales - Marketing is an inseparable companion
Sales – Marketing is an inseparable companion

Businesses with close links between Sales and Marketing report up to 208% more revenue from their marketing campaigns. Review your Marketing – Sales strategy, find a way of combining the two departments to optimize business results.

HOUSELINK provides comprehensive Marketing solutions – support Construction Enterprises improve market development methods. HOUSELINK’s platform is fully integrated with the necessary technology features so that businesses can easily manipulate, perform the management and development of your online Marketing – Sales.

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