Long An maintains top position in FDI attraction in Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta province of Long An last year issued licenses to 90 new foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with a combined capital of 450 million USD, thus maintaining its leading position in FDI attraction in the region, according to local authorities.

Statistics also show that the number of the FDI projects in the province last year rose to nearly 1,000, with investment capital totaling more than 6 billion USD. Of this, 576 projects with a combined capital of over 3.6 billion USD are now operational.

As for domestic investment attraction, Long An issued licenses to 191 projects with a total capital of 23.5 trillion VND (over 1 billion USD) in the period under review, bringing the number of the investment projects of this kind to more than 1,600 and their combined capital to 184 trillion VND.

Local authorities said the projects are mainly located in industrial complexes, and stated that they will maintain the policy of selective investment attraction in the time to come, with a focus on the tempo of implementation.

Besides, they will also pay attention to the measures aimed at improving the investment and business environment as well as raising the national competitiveness so as to create the best conditions for investors and to encourage the application of new technologies.

Furthermore, the province will continue improving the quality of its administrative reform and pushing up investment promotion activities in a number of countries and territories with developed industries, especially FDI projects with large scale and modern technology that use the land fund in an effective manner.

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