Japanese investors grand designs for Vietnam

Vietnam is coming into the spotlight of Japanese electronics and electric appliance manufacturers and retailers looking for overseas expansion opportunities, with many renowned and up-and-coming enterprises looking for partners in the country.

Iku Hara, director of the Overseas Market Development, Commerce and Industry Division at Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), said, “Since the signing of the economic partnership agreement between Vietnam and Japan in 2008, investment from Japanese companies related to automobiles, electronics, and electric appliances has been steadily growing. It is expected that trade between the two countries will gain further traction in the future.”

Even among ASEAN economies, Vietnam’s economic growth is exceptional. Thanks to the patent diligence of Vietnamese workers and the abundant labour force, Vietnamese manufacturing has shifted from the conventional production of primary products and light industrial products to production of electronics, such as mobile phones and semiconductors.

“We will see a shift towards the creation of much higher quality products and services in Vietnam,” Hara said, adding that this transition will help local firms to gradually match with Japanese technical capabilities as well as boost Japanese investment into the field.

In fact, Vietnam is the fastest growing country among the destinations where Japanese companies intend to expand business.

A delegation of 15 Japanese firms has gathered at the Tokyo Pavilion at Metalex Vietnam 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City to showcase a wide range of technologies and products from level sensors to parts for aircrafts. Most of them are small- and medium-sized (SME) firms seeking potential business opportunities through interaction with Vietnamese counterparts.

On the same note, Hiroshi Yokota, CEO of Canon Marketing Vietnam, said that Canon values Vietnam as an important market in the region. The country is dynamic and vibrant , highlighting the youth’s growing preference for technology and photography.

Making their presence in Vietnam in 2002, Canon has four factories in the country and employs over 25,000 employees. The firm also teamed up with 200 agencies across the country.

“We are thrilled to be the market leader for DSLRs, laser and inkjet printers. We are also number 2 in digital cameras, and despite being new to the mirrorless market, already a top 3 player,” he said.

Returning as an annual cutting-edge playground for the manufacturing industry, this year, Metalex Vietnam 2017 provides a new direction for manufacturers in the wake of Industry 4.0.

Suttisak Wilanan, deputy managing director of the organiser Reed Tradex, shared his views on current production trends, saying, “Last year, CommonWealth Magazine has unveiled the 58-Second Competition. That is all the time it takes for BMW to produce a customised car, Siemens to make a customised controller or Optima to make a customised bottle of perfume. Industry 4.0 is redefining how things are made and sold in the 21st century.”

“To stay ahead of the competition in the 21st century, manufacturers must improve their business to be more efficient, collaborative, and agile than ever, so they can secure a competitive edge. That is why Metalex Vietnam 2017 will play a distinct role in this effort,” he added.

Reed Tradex believes that with the drone market expanding, it is not only drone manufacturers that will benefit from the new opportunity, but also companies that produce and supply parts and electronics components.

The Drone Racing Technology Showcase will display the latest model of drones by Furious FPV, built and assembled with latest components. Visitors can also visit the zone to learn about components and drone assembly, along with experiencing a Virtual Reality (VR) Drone Racing Competition.

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Showcasing robotic arms capable of such precision as is required for cooking and omelet or brewing coffee

In addition, the growing need for precision and quality are driving the need for collaborative robotic arms in the manufacturing industry. Understanding that robotic arms could take the manufacturing and supporting industries to the next level, Universal Robots will showcase diverse applications of collaborative robots through cooking omelet and brewing coffee.

Metalex Vietnam 2017 was open on October 12-14 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) and has delivered a magnificent experience in technology solutions for all manufacturers around and outside Vietnam.

Source: VIR

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