Why should investors use construction consulting services?

Construction consulting services are focused by investors because they bring many benefits to projects and construction works.

Construction consulting is extremely important to investors

Construction consulting helps customers – investors organize survey, design and bidding for equipment procurement, construction and installation bidding, construction supervision, acceptance test when the project is completed. Construction consulting has an important meaning and brings many benefits to projects and construction works:

l Calculation of construction costs

Construction consulting units often have knowledge and understanding of construction costs. From there, specific estimates will be given to help the investor adjust the design plan to the best fit.

l Settlement of construction procedures

Applying for a construction permit is the first thing to do before planning a construction for a work or project. Construction consulting units will assist investors in making documents and preparing all necessary documents in terms of legislation, planning and design. At the same time, on behalf of the investor, work with competent authorities when necessary to speed up the time to get a complete construction permit.

l Monitor project progress

The construction consultancy will help the investor closely monitor the construction progress, and at the same time stick to the signed design and the given draft. From there, it will minimize unnecessary risks such as wasting money, helping investors to thoroughly solve construction losses.

New CC – a reputable construction consultancy chosen by many customers

Tan CC Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (New CC) is one of the leading company in Vietnam, specializing in providing design consulting services and management of industrial and commercial construction projects. After 25 years of being on the market, New CC has always been highly appreciated by customers and partners for its quality, professionalism and especially well-trained and experienced staff.

In order to meet the needs of investors, New CC has been constantly developing, giving customers the most satisfied services. New CC’s reputation and position in the construction market is confirmed by thousands of valuable projects that have been implemented and are being implemented across the country. In particular, New CC has won many contracts to implement FDI projects, which always require strict requirements on the contractor’s capacity and service quality standards.

With experience in participating in more than 100 Japanese FDI projects, New CC understands and applies Japan’s strict labor safety and quality management standards to design, construction and maintenance consulting. ensure competitiveness in terms of quality and construction costs. New CC is highly appreciated by customers by the criterion “Japanese quality – local price”.

New CC is a professional, competent and experienced consultant. In particular, New CC provides free support and advice for investors from the first steps when they first set foot in Vietnam.

The solutions offered by New CC for partners and customers always ensure technical feasibility and optimal financial performance. New CC commits and applies the policy of “Long-term warranty”, in which New CC still supports repair at no charge or at a very low cost even though the warranty period for the works has passed.

If you want to learn more about our services, please contact:

Hotline: (+84) 028 3864 1262

Add: 18B, Street 2, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Email: newcc@newcc.com.vn

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