HOUSELINK WINTER GOLF CUP 2021 – Construction Community Networking Party

The quarterly GOLF Tournament held by HOUSELINK officially returned in January 2021 with the name: HOUSELINK WINTER GOLF CUP 2021. The tournament is friendly, open to Customers, Partners and Members of the HOUSELINK. The event was organized with the aim of creating an exchange and entertainment playground among members of the HOUSELINK community after a long, turbulent year. We have had a long, brain-tense year with new and unprecedented circumstances under the influence of Covid-19.

The event was held on 20 and 22 January 2021, in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with two main contents: Friendly Golf Tournament and a cozy Year End Party.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Golfer Tuan Hua won the Championship, while in Hanoi the Championship was won by Golfer Bui Duc Hop. Let’s review some pictures of the Golf Tournament and Year-end Party

In Ho Chi Minh City

In Ha Noi

This party was not only an opportunity to connect, but also an occasion to remind each of us about a turbulent year of 2020. Difficulty did not only happen to only  the people present at this party, but to the whole world. No one can confirm that the storm  will pass in 2021, but we are ready to connect to accompany a new year of more positive changes and development success.

Thank you to our friends, partners and customers for participating in this warm event with HOUSELINK. We wish you a peaceful and favorable new year in all aspects of your life.

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