Construction of Vietnam’s largest solar power project gets underway

Vietnam’s Trung Nam Group started construction of the largest solar power plant on July 7 in the south central coastal province of Ninh Thuan, with total investment of VND4.4 trillion (US$192 million), as firms hurry to enjoy a government incentive, VnExpress reported.

Covering an area of 300 hectares in Bac Phong and Loi Hai communes, it is the country’s largest solar power plant and the first integrated renewable energy project in Vietnam with a total capacity of 204 MW, generating both wind and solar power through wind turbine towers and solar panels installed in the same farm.

Illustration photo.Illustration photo.

The plant is scheduled to be operational in June 2019, supplying around 450 million kWh of electricity to the national power grid annually, said Nguyen Tam Thinh, representative of Trung Nam Group at the ground-breaking ceremony.

“Such a large scale renewable energy plant will contribute to environmental protection and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emission as well as discarded waste material from thermal power plants,” Thinh added.

Under the project design, solar panels will be attached to a platform which automatically rotates through 120 degrees to absorb sunlight and avoided being shadowed by wind turbine towers. The design will increase their efficiency by an additional 15 – 20%.

Ninh Thuan province has an average sunshine of more than 4.5kWh per square meter per day, averaging sunshine hours of 2,800 per year, higher than that of other cities and provinces in the country.

As planned until 2020 with a vision to 2030, Ninh Thuan province will become Vietnam’s renewable energy center, generating 2,000 MW of solar power by 2020, said Phung Quoc Hien, vice chairman of the National Assembly.


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