Binh Duong approved investment policy for 20 housing projects

According to the report of Binh Duong Department of Construction, in the first 6 months of 2020, the Department has advised the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province 20 projects to register for investment and development of housing with a land use scale of about 143ha.

Specifically, approved investment policy for 20 projects with land use scale of about 60.04ha, 11,461 houses.

Accumulated from 2016 to June 2020, this Department submitted to the Provincial People’s Committee for approval of investment policy of 153 projects, with a total land use area of ​​about 800.51ha, construction floor area of ​​about 11.15 million m2. with 56,248 houses.

In addition, the Department of Construction also allows the transfer of land use rights invested in technical infrastructure for people to build 10 projects by themselves such as: Duc Phat housing area (zone A + zone B); Nam Long rural housing area, Loc Phat residential area, Phu Huy commercial residential area, Phu Uy Khang specialist housing area …; At the same time, it was also approved for the project of Phat Hung Commercial Residential Area to be allowed to transfer a part.

Allow projects of Tin Dien High-rise Apartment Area (Stown Phuc An 1) and apartment block A1 of Song Than Complex project to be eligible to sell houses to be formed in the future according to regulations.

In addition to professional work, the Department also participates in asset valuation of 40 works at the request of the Court and Department of Judgment Execution; participate in determining the current state of houses, construction works of agencies in applying for repairing for 11 works; certified the subjects registering to buy houses in 04 social housing projects …


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