Automatic Waste Collection system set to the revolution of Amsterdam

MariMatic has been chosen by the city of Amsterdam as the supplier of an Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) for the new residential area in Sluisbuurt. The system utilizes MariMatic’s unique energy efficient MetroTaifun® technology with non-corrosive pipe networks.

Sluisbuurt is a new neighborhood in Amsterdam located on the Zeeburgereiland and it will comprise of 5500 new homes and include schools, shops and offices. In addition to the OAT system (Dutch acronym for automatic waste collection system AWCS), the area will be equipped with other kind of sustainable technologies, such as district heating from renewable energy.

Waste is collected and transported directly from the buildings through an underground pipe network by using vacuum conveying to waste transfer terminal, eliminating noisy and polluting traditional waste trucks from the area. Four different waste fractions are collected to separate containers located in the waste transfer terminal. The containers will then later on be picked up for further distribution to recycling centers etc.

The waste transfer terminal, which is part of the scope of the contract, called “The Diamond”, will be located in the park. The building is designed with high sustainability in mind, including solar panels, rainwater collection and even a charging point for the service cars. Part of the walls will be glass, giving the public possibility to view the pneumatic collection in action.

The public tender in Amsterdam was focused on technology, reliability, performance, quality, and a technical life cycle of 60 years. MariMatic’s technology and solutions achieved maximum scores.

the system is known for the usage of 300 mm diameter “composite piping”, instead of the commonly used 500 mm carbon steel piping systems. Due to absence of corrosion, longer life cycle of the systems is achieved. Interruptions of possible blockages are minimized, as the waste easier fills up the pipe, giving higher vacuum force for conveying. Development of the formator technology enable use of larger waste bags (150 liter) in 300 mm size piping. MariMatic’s patented Ring-Line configuration allows change of air flow direction, to facilitate removal of possible blockages.

MetroTaifun has the potential for exponential growth in Asia. In the City of Zhuhai, a newly developing modern eco environment was created by the system several years ago. MariMatic’s participation in this forward green-thinking project contributed its expertise in the waste management for the Soul of the City -project. This MetroTaifun® automatic waste collection system was designed for collecting four waste fractions from the city’s housing and office complexes via pipe network with an expected daily waste collection of 12 tons from 542 waste inlets. The system has comfortably served the needs of 6000 residents and additional offices.

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