$12.8m project to upgrade Phan Thiết-Mũi Né route

The people’s committee of the central Bình Thuận Province yesterday approved a project to upgrade the route connecting Phan Thiết City’s downtown area to Hàm Tiến-Mũi Né area.

This is an important route for the province’s tourism development.

The 4km-long and 25m-wide route will stretch from Hùng Vương Bridge to Võ Nguyên Giáp Boulevard.

The total investment capital required for the project is estimated to be VNĐ286 billion (US$12.8 million).

One-metre wide road dividers will be installed along the route, along with tiled pavements on either side and standard drainage and lighting systems.

Green trees will be planted on the pavements and along road dividers, beautifying the urban landscape.

Under the project, Phú Hài Bridge, which spans Cái River along the route, will also be upgraded to become 131m long and 12m wide.

Phạm Văn Nam, vice-chairman of the provincial people’s committee, said the committee had paid special attention to the project.

Leaders of the committee organised meetings with sectors to discuss and resolve difficulties during the implementation of the project.

Currently, the committee was issuing bids to select a qualified contractor, he said.

The route will be upgraded from the old Nguyễn Thông Road, which connects Phan Thiết City’s downtown area to resorts in Hàm Tiến-Mũi Né.

This is the key route connecting Phan Thiết Airport to the city, ever since the airport opened in 2018.

In recent years, the condition of this route has deteriorated, causing difficulties in travel and affecting local tourism development. Currently, traffic congestion occurs frequently in this 6m-wide route due to the high volume of vehicles.

The provincial people’s council has issued a resolution to list the project as one of the key projects that would get priority in investment capital.

Source: VNS

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