Quang Nam calling for investment in Chu Lai International Airport

Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Committee Le Tri Thanh requested the completion of the planning and expediting investment mobilisation and development of Chu Lai International Airport in the central region.
quang nam calling for investment in chu lai international airport
Chu Lai International Airport is expected to become a a centre for transshipment of goods in the not distant future

Chairman Thanh has just given conclusions on the planning scheme of local transport network as well as the investment orientation and strategy of key transport works in the province in the forthcoming period.

Accordingly, in the past, the province has focused resources on constructing transport infrastructure, especially roads and waterways. The traffic network has been gradually upgraded, leveraging the approved transport development plan to 2020, with vision towards 2030.

Furthermore, Quang Nam Department of Transport was assigned to report on the actual situation of the transport network in the province and to co-ordinate with the Department of Planning and Investment and relevant localities to review their capabilities, balancing the resources, and proposing a list of key transport projects to be prioritised for investment in the public investment plan in 2021-2025.

Remarkably, the provincial leaders requested the early completion of the planning andpushing up calls for investment into developing Chu Lai International Airport and Chu Lai Seaport, not using state budget sources.

Chu Lai Airport is planned to become an international airport by 2030, with the capacity of five million passengers a year. However, in light of the 2030 vision of the Quang Nam Socio-economic Development Master Plan which was approved by the prime minister in 2018, the growth rate of gross regional domestic product is expected to be more than 2.5 times compared to 2020.

Regarding air transport in particular, Chu Lai International Airport will be further upgraded and expanded to gradually transform into a centre for the transshipment of goods, as well as repair and maintenance of large-sized aircraft. Therefore, it needs to study and adjust the planning of Chu Lai Airport to meet the development needs of Quang Nam province and the central region.

In addition, to ensure the connection of transport infrastructure, the Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Committee requested an investment study of inter-regional transport routes, facilitating the development of dynamic urban areas and key projects in the eastern region.

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