Daiei Kankyo Japan wants to invest in Thanh Hoa

Daiei Kankyo, a Japan’s foremost waste management business group wants to invest in Thanh Hoa province, especially in environment, said its representative, Mr.Tatsuo Yamashita at a recent working session with provincial leaders.

Mr Yamashita proposed cooperation fields such as waste water treatment at Nghi Son Economic Zone, and waste and waste oil treatment and recycling techniques.

In the coming time, the company will discuss projects related to environment treatment in details with relevant authorities, he said.

Thanh Hoa has attracted investment in domestic waste management and treatment of waste water from Nghi Son EZ. Five areas have been zoned for domestic waste treatment with a daily capacity of 5,000-10,000 tons each.

The province has also made a pre-feasibility study for a project on Nghi Son EZ’s waste water treatment with an investment of US$102 million.

Source: VIR

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