Marketing Talk: 5 things Construction Companies need to specifically consider in Marketing in the 4.0 era

Fair competition in the new world requires construction businesses in Vietnam to improve their marketing thinking and methods. Here are the things construction enterprises need to pay attention to, according to HOUSELINK’s research and report.

Nobody is The only, The best, The most special

Do not overuse adjectives with the “best” factor, as they are only “provoking” your readers instead of building trust in the brand.

That is the inevitable consequence of repeating obsolete motifs. After seeing  a “only”, “best”, “most special” publication too many times, the readers will no longer feel interested in it. When readers, viewers are not interested in the title and content of the articles, they are not motivated to learn about the product. When your target audience loses this momentum, you lose the opportunity to pull in customers for your own business.


Figures and Experiences are the proves of your work in the market

Information has a number of attributes, including accuracy and specificity. “Number” is one of the factors that make up the accuracy of information.

The use of data, experience and authentic derivatives in articles affirms the accuracy of information, increases the credibility of the business, regardless of whether it is articles with PR elements or articles providing news.


Brand awareness of Construction Enterprises needs deep execution

In the past 10 years, the concept of Brand Awareness has been paid more attention by enterprises than in the previous decade. With the application of information technology and the industrial revolution 4.0, brand awareness has become the “principle” of businesses that want to assert themselves in the market and seek business development opportunities.

However, where and how to bring awareness is always a tough issue for businesses. We have seen “old” enterprises take bold steps to reenter the market with younger customers such as Biti’s, Trang Tien Ice Cream … by changing identity, approaching the entertainment artists and celebrities, thereby reaping no less success. But for enterprises in the construction industry, is wide coverage effective?

The construction industry is specific, not the retail industry, so spending billions of money for mass coverage is not necessary. Instead, construction enterprises can completely spend an appropriate cost, direct access to selected and authenticated potential customers.

It is essential to improve your business profiles

In the 4.0 era, we tend to search for partners, sellers, and customers online before bringing it to the  table to negotiate a further deal. This helps us to get basic information about each other, understand the business situation, their products and customer reviews.

On the other hand, Enterprises in general and Construction Enterprises in particular need to raise awareness that the Client will be the one searching for your records online. Building an impressive portfolio, high-quality online publications will increase the brand’s impression on customers, creating a premise to bring potential customers.

Apply Technology to optimize Marketing and Business efficiency

The industrial revolution 4.0, with the impact of Covid-19, has accelerated the process of socioeconomic technology. This can be considered an inevitable trend when we enter the new era, every aspect of life can be somewhat updated online.

To not  be out of the trend, construction companies also need to improve their operating methods to optimize the efficiency of market development and business. So how to apply technology?

For specific industries such as construction in Vietnam, there are a number of options for using technology to improve workflow, including the use of connecting platforms, trading, online bidding … like HOUSELINK.

Start to change, your business only gets better when you keep up with the marketing trends of the new era. If you are still stuck in finding the right marketing path for your business, let HOUSELINK help you. HOUSELINK’s platform is fully integrated with the necessary technology features so that businesses can easily manipulate, perform the management and development of their Marketing – Business on the network.

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