Hai Van Tunnel 2 project to be completed in 2020

Hai Van Tunnel 2 is expected to be completed in 2020, helping speed up travel time for vehicles on the North-South road.

Construction on the two-lane Hai Van Tunnel 2, which runs parallel to the two-lane Hai Van 1 tunnel, and upgrading of the current Hai Van No 1 started in April 2016 with total investment of 376 million USD (Photo: VNA)

Hai Van Tunnel 2 will open to traffic on September 25 (Photo: VNA)

More than 70 percent of work has been completed (Photo: VNA)

The completion of the 6.29km Hai Van Tunnel 2 project and 5.85km entrance roads at the two ends of the tunnel will help shorten travel time for vehicles on the North-South road (Photo: VNA)

The tunnel plays a key role in the East-West Economic Corridor that links Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam, and National Highway No 1A (Photo: VNA)

6.29km tunnel project will be technically cleared in October in preparation for the final stage of the longest road tunnel in Vietnam and ASEAN (Photo: VNA)

Source: baoxaydung.com.vn

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